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The tonglu medical equipment project won the country special funds allowance

Recently, the state development and reform commission, hair to industrial [2005] no. 1264 and [2005] no. 1389 respectively, the tonglu medical optical instrument factory capacity of 4500 sets of high definition digital image processing system project, tonglu cutting-edge endoscope Co., ltd., with annual capacity of 6000 sets of multi-function attract cutter programs that give the central budget special allowance. It is understood that the get special national funding projects, zhejiang province only three, and tonglu county has two, this to promote the tonglu county medical equipment industry to speed up the development of will play a strong role in driving the promotion. Sophisticated endoscope Co., LTD, with the annual production capacity of 6000 sets of multi-function attract cutter projects with total investment of 186 million yuan. The product is sneakoscope surgery a minimally invasive surgery under comprehensive surgical instruments, with a high degree of automation, safe and reliable, easy to operate, small trauma, postoperative recover quickly and other advantages, and the price is only 1/5 of the import, can make the treatment of patients with more than half the cost reduction. The project is expected to put into production in annual sales after the products can reach 330 million yuan. It will improve the successful development of the part of our medical products dependence on imported situation, at the same time, effectively prevent virus cross infection, have good green environmental protection effect. The tonglu medical optical instrument factory capacity of 4500 sets of definition digital image processing system project, fixed assets investment of 97.5 million yuan. The project is a joint development with zhejiang university and production, the biggest characteristic is to use digital camera equipment and computer processing technology, endoscopic observed image will digital, greatly improving the image resolution. This project has the better profitability, sales are expected to can amount to 300 million yuan, the social and economic benefits also obvious.

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