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Contact Information

Hangzhou Tonglu Medical Optical Instrument Co., Ltd

No. 18, Shangyangzhou Road, Tonglu Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou (311501)
Tel: +86-571-64250278 Fax: +86-571-64250388
Contact: Xi Liping, Xu Sujuan

Hangzhou Yuhua Medical Optical Tech Co., Ltd.

20/F, Building B, International Garden, No.160, Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou (310007) Tel +86-571-88211868
Fax: +86-571-88211863 Contact: Wang Haiyan, Liu Ling

Beijing Zhehua Medical Appliances Co., Ltd.  

6/F, Block D, Building 3, Yayun Haoting, No. 9, Xiaoying Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (100029)
Tel: +86-10-64927090 Fax: +86-10-64927089
Contact: Chen Yinlin

Sichuan Office,  Chongqing Office

No. 28-10, Business Building, No. 3, Nanping Western Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing (400015) Tel: +86-23-62943341
Mobile: +86-0-13906817917
Contact: Ying Jianjun

Guangzhou Office

Room 702, Huazhi Hotel, No. 92 Court, Liwan Road, Guangzhou (510170)
Tel: +86-20-81943464 81815983 ext. 3702
Mobile: +86-0-13058438778(Guangzhou) +86-0-13906817625(Hangzhou)
Contact: Shentu Zhangwei

Shanghai Medical Instruments Wholesale Department

No. 220, Henan Mid Road, Shanghai (200002)
Tel: +86-21-63219814 63219999 ext. 3006
Contact: Zhou Yijie

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation Medical Instruments Wholesale Department 

No. 138, Heping Western Road, Guangzhou (510130)
Tel: +86-20-81811543 81814566
Contact: Zhao Guangfa

Jinan Office

Room 202, Western Unit, Building 1, No. 3, Chezhan Street, Tianqiao District, Jinan (250031)Tel: +86-531-8307289
Mobile: +86-0-13805761458
Contact: Shentu Yuming

Zhengzhou Office

Building 2, No. 1 Court, Dongguan Beili, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou (450000)
Tel: +86-371-66345732
Mobile: +86-0-13968008120
Contact: Hua Zengqing



After sales Service
“In the tenet of “Scientific Management, Innovative Perfection, Quality First, Customer Satisfaction”, the company improves its product quality, after-sales service level, customer satisfaction rate focusing on customers and establishes a good enterprise image.
Quality Assurance
I. Free home delivery, on-site installation, debugging and training.
II.For irregular use caused by manufacturing quality problems within 1 year, the factory provides free repair and exchange spare parts; for non-warranty period and unavailable use caused by misuse of users, the factory provides lifelong maintenance, charging preferentially.
III.Filling User Investigation Record Form when sale, please provide specific quality assessment and improving suggestions especially in the column of quality condition and feedback to after-sales department.
IV.The company established complaint call (+86-571-64250388) and timely replied customer’s complaints.
V. Regularly visit users after selling products.
VI.Untoward reactions in visits and complaints must be reported to the company and treated timely.
After-sales Service Department
Hangzhou Tonglu General Factory of Medical Optical Instruments After-sales Service Department
Address: No. 18, Yangzhou Road, Tonglu Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou
Tel: +86-571-64250278
Fax: +86-571-64250388
Zip Code: 311501
Training & Consultation Service
◇ Cooperating with famous large hospitals, setting up an appointed clinical training base.
◇ To make you understand our products, we will hold a series national tour trainings and lectures to make you learn using technology and understand domestic and overseas latest technology and information of endoscopes and communicate with domestic medical peers.
◇ Receiving our publicity materials of latest products at the first time.
◇ For medical instrument problems in use, please call (+86-571-64250722 or 88211864) our engineers and expert advisory board.
Other Services
◇ Repair and maintenance of medical hard pipe endoscopes.
◇ Design, tailor and purchase products according customer’s specific requirements.
◇ Sell and agent other imported medical instruments.



Address: No. 18, Shangyangzhou Road, Tonglu Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou (311501)
Contact: Ever Xiao / Max Lin

Phone:+86 15067168252                        +86 17767069749

Tel: +86 571 64251371
Fax: +86 0571-64250797
E-mail: ever@yuhuamedical.com               info@hztlmedical.com
URL: www.yuhuamedical.com

Ms.Liu Ling (Diretor of Marketing)
Tel: +86 571 88211868
Fax: +86 571 88211863
Mobile: +86 13588222523


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